Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ISTE Eduverse Talks Episode #8 Live at!

Hey, all, our recent appearance as MUVErs on the celebrated ISTE Eduverse Talks live talk show series is now live an accessible at the ISTE Eduverse Talks website.

I hope you'll take an hour or so to give it a watch. It's also pretty nice as an audio file, so if you have a long commute that may be the way to do it. Host Kevin Jarrett did a fantastic job of delivering probing questions about MUVErs' development of intricate but finely tuned virtual simulations for teaching and learning, and partners Cathy Walker and John Miller were stellar in their own thoughtful responses. Watching the program has convinced me I didn't do a half-bad job of responding, though it's obvious I strayed from my script a bit :)

Go watch!

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