Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ISTE Speaker Series Event- VSTE-:How We Grew Our Presence in SL

There is a state arm of the International Society for Technology in Education thriving in Virginia. Check out the Second Life event tonight to learn how they nurtured one of the most active educators' groups inworld. It's a neat story. Here's some info from the ISTE Speaker Series event just published:

Once upon a time, four Virginia Beach computer resource specialists, Lisa Alconcel (SL: Jazmemo Zimminy), Marie Booz (SL: Mandie Mimulus), Al Doss, (SL: Alfredo Bedrosian) and Kim Harrison (SL: Thunder Insippo), approached the Virginia Society for Technology in Education’s (VSTE) Chairperson of the Board, Janene Gorham (SL: Janene Jewell) and Executive Director Daniel Arkin (SL: Flying Story), for access to the VSTE building in Second Life. They ended up with an entire island! On the island, VSTE has created a virtual simulation of the Jamestown Settlement and Powhatan Village of 1607 for educators to use as a resource in preparing rich and engaging lessons for their students. Come hear about their journey.Links to helpful files for newbies and groups just beginning a presence in SL will be provided.

This will be a voice presentation; please be sure that you have a working voice setup (including a headset) prior to the event!

This will be a voice event; please be sure that you have a working voice setup [ideally including a headset microphone] prior to arrival!

Location: ISTE Band Shell: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ISTE%20Island/127/131/25

Time: 5PM SLT/ 8PM EDT

Date: Tuesday August 11

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