Thursday, November 19, 2009

CDBaby Top Seller List

It's been around for years, and it just keeps selling, especially as folks download the .mp3 version so easily, both at iTunes and now at CDBaby for a buck cheaper. Browsing by "Top Seller" it takes a few clicks to find my 2004 record, but it's there, and to my glee it's displayed on the same page as is the recording released in 2007 by my dear old friend Scott Miller, who records his intelligent, melodic music as Scott H. Miller. Scott and I played together 'way back when in Anchorage and in Juneau, where he still resides, calling ourselves alternately "Scotttt" and "Scott and Scott." Funny. I recently came into a few old recordings of our live performances and hey, we were pretty good, especially on the Aztec Two-Step classic, "Highway Song." I'll share it here sometime.

Anyway, the CDBaby page looks like

and its 4 and a half stars rating gets reviews like

Instant soul-gratification for those with a hankering for Alaska.
author: James Morrison
Merrick captures the essence of Alaska in his poetry. His songs will make those who have never experienced the Great Land want to, and make those who have experienced it grateful all over again. The Last Frontier Band is awesome and Dana Ward has the voice of an angel. MOOSE NUGGETS FOR CHRISTMAS is destined to become a classic.
Just like old times!
author: franni
As a fan of the Last Frontier Band from my 1970's days in Anchorage, I am pleased to have found this cd. The songs are simple and fine while the voices, especially Dana Cox (Ward), remain as pure as they were when I sat in that hand-clapping, foot-stomping audience.

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