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Twitter #K12perfectschool to Contribute!

I started a project [hears the Bee Gees "I Started a Joke"] on twitter that I'm hoping gains some legs and provides some interesting diversion from the eternal discussions about "school reform."
Here's the gist: Assuming that prominent futurist/thinker Alvin Toffler was correct when he recently said in an interview: You've been writing about our educational system for decades. What's the most pressing need in public education right now? Alvin Toffler: Shut down the public education system.just how do we proceed to do that? Well, I don't know, but I do know that Twitter holds some interesting promise as a dialog facilitator, so I thought to myself, why not see?The image below is the beginning of what will hopefully be a response to my call for educators on Twitter to contribute little pieces of how they envision a changed landscape of the way we teach and learn. Do you have ideas? Open up your Twitter, type the hashtag "#k12perfec…

Educator's PLN Live Chat with Alfie Kohn

While snowbound on Monday, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the Educator's PLN live chat with educational philosopher and author Alfie Kohn. There were over 120 educators "in the room" and since questions had been solicited online prior to the event, I was asked to speak up and ask mine. Thanks to the event organizers and to Dr. Kohn for giving me the opportunity to ask a very pointed question about educational reform. I am sorry that it seemed to throw the good Dr. for a loop! What was the question? You'll just have to view and listen:

Alfie Kohn Live Chat from Shelly Terrell on Vimeo.

DigitalNashville and Google's 1Gb "open access" broadband network?

I'm a more or less "lurking member" of a large group of more or less business-focused participants in "Digital Nashville" -- it's a ning-based learning and sharing network led by Nashvillian Elin Eifler Mulron, whom I haven't met personally but whom I'm very much looking forward to meeting in the near future. Mulron, along with a plethora of Nashville volunteer staff, has built this network into one populated by (currently) 1,661 interested local parties. That, to me, looks like a strong base to build a lobby for Nashville's selection to host an initiative recently announced by Google. Hence, I posted at DigitalNashville discussions the following: regards to Google's recent call for municipalities to express interest in their initiative to develop 1Gb "open access" broadband network. Who can lead this--hopefully someone with experience? I want it for our community but I'm not in a position to lead the drive. A petition? T…

See ya, Geoff-boy

Geez I hope my blog isn't turning into a toney obituary column. Reflecting upon that possibility, I can't really see it happening, since I don't have that many friends as close as Geoff Feiler was. Geoff took off away from this earth on Sunday, and it's a measure of how distant we had become (though I just Skype-chatted with him a couple weeks ago) that I didn't discover he'd left until yesterday, when I was copied on an email discussing pictures for a memorial gathering--scheduled for Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska.

I'd talked with Steve, another close/distant old friend over the weekend and knew Geoff was in dire straits, lungs collapsed, not much hope for a transplant, at ICU in Providence Hospital there in Anchorage hanging on with assisted breathing, and had him in my thoughts all week. Now to learn he left without my having a chance to give him a proper goodbye.

When Geoff came to Hillwood High School for his 10th grade year, I was already practicing soc…

Watch PBS TV TONIGHT for "Digital Nation"--check local listings

I had the opportunity today to preview the show online. This one will be controversial, ya'll, and I'd love to start a discussion here. Watch it, because you will most certainly be called upon for an opinion by parents and administrators...
From PBS email:
Last March, we launched a Web site to start a conversation about how
digital technology is changing almost every aspect of modern culture -
from how we think and learn to how we build relationships and even
conduct warfare. We asked for your feedback, and you shared your
stories that helped to shape our 90-minute documentary which airs
Tuesday, February 2, at 9pm ET on PBS (check local listings).

This program is guaranteed to make you think, to question your understanding of and use of technology, and to cause a big stir in educational technology. Very well done, I initially report. Controversial? You bet.
I had seen some of it early on, and we hosted a presentation by the producers--thanks to ISTE member and colleague Malinda McCorm…