Monday, April 12, 2010

Prairie Home Companion at the Ryman!

We had a wonderful weekend I call our "Bro'deo" after a Kyle Gass and Train Wreck song by the same name. A guys' weekend of camaraderie, brotherhood, and beer. There were many high points (no pun intended), including hearing nephew Bryce's band FTFO (name unmentionable here) at Springwater Thursday night, taking in the Travelin' McCouries at Station Inn Friday, and honkytonking at Roberts, Legends, and up and down Lower Broad all weekend, and the 500+ photos from the invigorating but exhausting pics are up at Flickr for everyone to view; but the high point has to be the live Prairie Home Companion at the Ryman! Hey, I have an idea: I'll embed the show here, and you can fire it up while you watch a complete slideshow of the weekend here too! Snuggle up, grab a beverage, and enjoy. WARNING, SHIRTLESS MALE ROCKERS FROM THE SPRINGWATER AND A FEW TASTELESS SINGLE FINGERED HAND GESTURES FROM OVERENTHUSIASTIC LEONARDS!

Link to more information about the Down in Tennessee show!

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