Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Local Recognition!

WOW, a little local press! :) From my school's weekly newsletter, hot off the digital press (my shirt is tropical because the male teachers celebrate "Tropical Thursdays" at my school, when they can remember to do so):

Technology Coordinator Designated NAIS “Teacher of the Future”

USN Lower School Technology Coordinator Scott Merrick, 14 year faculty veteran, has been chosen as NAIS “Teacher of the Future” for 2010-11, along with 19 other innovative educators nationally.

The announcement was made via an email from the National Association of Independent Schools on May 11, 2010 and carries with it new responsibilities for Mr. Merrick, some of which are noted in the announcement. Here is a portion of that email:

“We had more than 200 nominations, and eight judges carefully reviewed them all and selected what we believe is an excellent, creative group. Your accomplishments as a teacher and innovator make you a perfect member of this community. As one of 20 NAIS Teachers of the Future, you are asked to seed and moderate an online discussion forum and post short educational videos in NAIS’s new teachers’ community and at NAIS on iTunes U…”

In addition to his curricular and teaching responsibilities for all students Kindergarten through grade 4 and his support roles for all USN teachers and staff, Mr. Merrick is a Core Volunteer at the 100,000+ member International Society for Technology in Education and chair of one of the 20 Special Interest Groups for that organization.

As he takes up the role of NAIS Teacher of the Future, Merrick will attend an Apple Summer Learning Institute in Boston in late July following his week of workshops and presentations at ISTE 2010 Conference and Exposition in Denver, Colorado. USN is thankful for his pioneering efforts and we look forward to learning from his experiences through his personal/professional blog at

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