Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You, Jane Wilde!

you as you know are largely responsible for our astonishing success. I hesitate to say that when we have another day (or, pleasantly, it feels like a half day) of sharing and learning, but I feel pretty confident we're onto a model that works. Maybe we can collaborate on a good long article L&L will pick up, or for some other venue. Extending the sharing of the sharing.

Today I'm out early at 8:30 for the panel discussion "Distance Learning Comes of Age" and I'll be sitting on the panel sharing our success very briefly as well as sharing some details of our successful distance event coordination. What's the name and venue for your paper in Toronto? I'd love to share that as well.

We'll debrief after your rousingly successful paper presentation. If you ever, and I mean EVER, need any help from me just hear that old "You've Got a Friend" song in your head and pick up your cellphone and just call on me.


Much love from Denver and always everywhere,
Scott, and on behalf of SIGVE

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 12:12 AM, Esme Qunhua  wrote:
Hi there Scott,
Wow! I am amazed by what we have accomplished in the past two days.  We have had our share of "tech-happens." But even the variety of glitches have been interesting and kind of funny. I mean, what can you do when the basic building instructor can't log on, and even if she could wouldn't be able to rez stuff. (Note: This was due to a Linden Lab database issue that developed at the time of the final presentation by Cindy Burton on Tuesday).

So many of the presentations have been inspiring.  The amount of content that has been shared in such a compressed time period has been awesome.  Please share my appreciation with your volunteers.


Esme Qunhua/Jane Wilde
Faculty, Marlboro College Grad Center
Marlboro College Graduate School

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