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Saturday, July 31, 2010

From my recent announcement on Facebook about my new position, with thanks

Scott Merrick That's done. Resigned from USN, accepted the new MNPS "Virtual Learning Curriculum Specialist" position, paperwork at Metro tomorrow. Change is in the air. I largely owe my PLN and all my colleagues for this exciting new opportunity to build a virtual school like no other. On we go.

Tuesday at 7:01pm  ·  · 
    • Kathleen Norris Congrats! I know you will be fabulous as this new position!
      Tuesday at 7:04pm ·  · 
    • Laura Nicosia Congratulations, Scott! I'm sure you're going to find fulfillment as you tackle this new position. They're lucky to have you.
      Tuesday at 7:16pm ·  · 
    • Cynthia Van Gilder Garrety Congratulations!
      Tuesday at 7:34pm ·  · 
    • Teryl Magee Congrats, Scott!
      Tuesday at 7:35pm ·  · 
    • Jan Maier Oh wow!!!!!
      Tuesday at 7:39pm ·  · 
    • Caren Levine Wow! Can't wait to follow this new adventure of yours!
      Tuesday at 7:55pm ·  · 
    • Jessica LaQuee Brogley That is awesome! I'll be looking forward to following your adventures!
      Tuesday at 7:56pm ·  · 
    • Brian Smokler Wowza!
      Tuesday at 8:03pm ·  · 
    • Lindy McKeown WOW!! Totally awesome Scott. You'll WOW us all I am sure.
      Tuesday at 8:06pm ·  · 
    • Jan Zanetis This is great news. Way to go, Scott!
      Tuesday at 8:23pm ·  · 
    • Scott Merrick Thank you all. I am so looking forward to the future. Putting on my shades.
      Tuesday at 8:39pm ·  · 
    • Lisa Phelps Linn W00T! I'm soooooo happy for you!
      Tuesday at 8:41pm ·  · 
    • Michelle Weigle Brown Congrats! I have to say though, there's three little Brown children that are not at all happy about this. Elise in particular would like a word with you :)
      Tuesday at 8:48pm ·  ·  1 person · 
    • Jo Kay Congrats!!! ;)
      Tuesday at 8:55pm ·  · 
    • Debbie Grooms Ooooooooo awesome!
      Tuesday at 8:58pm ·  · 
    • Noreen Strehlow I'm so jealous but I'm also really, really happy for you Scott! I wish we were moving towards the future like this all over the country!
      Tuesday at 8:59pm ·  · 
    • Kecia Ray YEAH!!! Metro Schools is so lucky to have Scott and Barbra on our team to build a virtual high school! Thank you Scott for taking this leap with me!!! Hang on for the ride of your life :)
      Tuesday at 9:49pm ·  ·  1 person · 
    • Lee Ann Merrick I am so proud of you and proud to be by your side always!
      Tuesday at 10:44pm ·  ·  2 people · 
    • Noreen Strehlow Do you need any out of town art teachers????
      Tuesday at 10:47pm ·  · 
    • Carolyn Rains Congratulations!!!! Have an awesome time!
      Tuesday at 10:54pm ·  · 
    • Jon Paul Hooper Seems you have custom tailored wings!! Way to jump!!
      Wednesday at 12:28am ·  · 
    • Josh Scouten Congratulations Scott!! I didn't realize the what the big smile on your face was indicating when I saw you in the hall today. You will be missed but know you will do some amazing things in your new role. Good luck!!
      Wednesday at 12:29am ·  · 
    • Scott Merrick Michelle I have to say that the hardest factor in the decision was losing the chance to be with "my" children. It still is, and is likely to remain so. Tell Elise I'll be helping to make Nashville a better place by helping other kids to better learning. I know that won't make up for my absence :) but it may help. And tell her to "Be Good and Have Fun."
      Wednesday at 5:20am ·  · 
    • Andrew Wheelock Yeah Scott

      Go get 'em tiger!
      Wednesday at 6:14am ·  · 
    • Dr. Zsuzsa very exciting--good luck Scott!
      Wednesday at 6:47am ·  · 
    • Bronwyn Stuckey Well done - and I hope these virtual scholl students will find their way into Quest Atlantis to come play with us. All the best of warm wishes for an exciting new future there matey!
      Wednesday at 7:10am ·  · 
    • Knowclue Kidd OMG! One step for Scott, a GIANT LEAP for educators!
      Wednesday at 7:30am ·  · 
    • Kyle Gomboy Bring it on!
      Wednesday at 8:47am ·  · 
    • Jennifer Bostwick Owens Congratulations, Scott! You and your work will be missed at USN!
      Wednesday at 9:27am ·  · 
    • Peggy Sheehy Oh Boy! GO GO GO GO !!!!!!
      Wednesday at 9:52am ·  · 
    • Doreen Pugh Congrats, Scott!
      Wednesday at 12:20pm ·  · 
    • Scott Merrick Thanks, all, I'm still in shock. But setting up my new iPad, just issued to me when I stopped into my new workplace to confer about schedule, helps ;)
      Wednesday at 12:45pm ·  · 
    • Anne Despres-Thorp what a great opp, Scott! They made a great choice in you.
      Wednesday at 1:28pm ·  · 
    • Lucy Gray Wow! So exciting! Congratulations!
      Wednesday at 2:27pm ·  · 
    • Esme Qunhua That is so cool. Looking forward to hearing more about the job.
      Wednesday at 4:10pm ·  · 
    • Barbie Thoeming I am so excited to be part of this adventure with you and Kecia! When is your first day?!
      Wednesday at 6:19pm ·  · 
    • Terra Sieberman Woo hoo! Congratulations!
      Wednesday at 6:31pm ·  ·  1 person · 
    • Scott Merrick Barbie me too! I'll be there Monday in a very flexxy week. We're already cooking up some stuff related to A+ and I'm hoping to do some Blackboard explorations this weekend.
      Wednesday at 6:55pm ·  · 


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