Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Reply,

I'm doing double duty here by pasting an email response to my dear brother Ed in the hopes of updating everyone. There will certainly be more to follow. :O

Hey, Let's talk today. I'm at Metro this morning getting fingerprinted, etc. and processing paperwork. Basically, I've accepted a non-teaching but certificated (licensed) position as "Virtual Learning Curriculum Specialist" for Metro Nashville Public Schools. In this newly designed position I'll be responsible for reviewing and implementing course content for the new virtual high school and I'm hitting the ground running, fleshing out coursework for the 10 full-time students my colleague and supervisor, Kecia Ray, the Director of Instructional Technology at MNPS, has lined up for enrollment starting Aug. 16. Florida Virtual School is a district of itself and served 150,000 students last year, and we can expect our student population to be growing quickly. 

This will be a chance to serve kids for generations by designing a school that takes from the best established practices and builds a model that incorporates better ones, including virtual worlds in some guise. I'm buzzed. It took Lee Ann and me a week to sort out this decision once the job was offered, and now I'm committed. I'll be packing up my possessions and leaving 14 years of memories behind at USN this week and moving into my little cubicle at Martin Professional Development Center by Eakin School off Hillsboro Village, which will be the locus of my work for a good long while. Wish me luck. 

Let's also look for cooler weather. I have a voucher for airfare from the cancellation of my DC/Nashville flight last week. I'm thinking fish, one soon fall weekend. What are you thinking?

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 11:02 PM, Edwin Merrick  wrote:
Anxious to hear about your new job.

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