Sunday, October 31, 2010

Utopian Visions? Possibilities? Something...Virtual Pioneers Closing Keynote October 30, 2010

Thanks to the folks who attended my closing keynote for the two-day Virtual Pioneers History Conference in Second Life last evening. Spiff/Andy had asked me to close with some visions for the future of education, and I kind of went wild. Though one attendee rather rudely backchatted his boredom during the opening wrap up and summary, I appear to have stifled his criticism, at least to some degree, with the following presentation. I spiffed it up (pun intended) a bit after subsequent dinner conversation with my lovely wife, who serves up the best pushback from the point of view of a parent and educator. The backchat text file is at .

Here 'tis. I may add some audio, but for now as you view it you should likely put on the Beatles "Revolution" or virtually any Ratatat, either one played very loud...


Scott said...
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Emilia said...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for an inspiring discussion on these thought provoking ideas for the future of education. It was a great way to end two days of equally inspirational presentations/field trips to SL locations and other grids to see what can be done to bring education out of the traditional setting and into a realm of creativity and endless possibilities.