Friday, November 12, 2010

Professional Networking for Lifelong Learning

My thanks to the organizers of Texas's Virtual Education Conference '10, held this week Nov. 9 through 12, for the opportunity to meet a quality handful of new colleagues via my presentation last night. I did prepare a PowerPoint for it, though through the effort of adapting that object to the Elluminate10 platform I'm beginning to see value in starting out building a presentation in its whiteboard-based interface and will likely play with that during February's 4 webinar series with ESBOCES in New York. At any rate, on my way to my morning treadmill workout I want to offer the original PowerPoint here.

Focusing on only three elements of a PLN, it's chocked full of resources for an educator just starting out building a one, which for me has two "P's," Professional and Personal. Maybe I'll start abbreviating it "P/PLN" to make that point.

The 1 hour mini-event, moderated magnificently by Kim Caise, will be archived at the site, and if it's available via guest access I'll post the link to it right here. I had fun, and I learned some things myself. Please feel free to share:

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Kim Caise said...

Thanks for the mention, Scott! I encourage everyone to view the recording to see all of the invaluable resources Scott shares throughout the session. The experiences he shared really made the session and I know the recording will be one that you will want to watch it multiple times. If you didn't register for the Virtual Technology Conference in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas you missed a fantastic virtual conference. The conference is held every November so be sure to mark your calendar to join us next year ( See you online and in world Scott! :)