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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Son to the Boy!

Just in time for Christmas, my dear pal James Morrison, recording as James Paige Morrison to satisfy industry protocol in the light of that Country Music interloper who shares his moniker, has released "Son to the Boy," an amazing, masterful, musically and lyrically rich assortment of jewels from his thoughtful, caring, loving, introspective, and humorous mind. CD Baby has yet to get their gift certificate act together or all of you would be getting one from me. This is true listening pleasure, ya'll, and I highly encourage you to gift yourself its magic.

Of particular note (though there's not a lacking cut on the recording) is "Lifeguard Girl," an airy fantasy that features the underlying current of my lovely daughter, Miranda, who flew out to L.A. to help with that cut. I'm proud--proud of her, proud of my brother-from-another-mother, and proud of you for taking the time to check out

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Immersive Australia: Education--A new modality for learning, collaboration, and knowledge production

I came across this report via the SLED listserv the other day and emailed its author, Mandy Salomon, to request a copy. She promptly emailed me one, and when I read it...well, read it yourself!

Thank you, Mandy, for sharing so openly your hard work and excellent research. IIA_Edu_18Dec

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Learning Environments--a Current Buzzword, Eh?

Yup, it is, but there's a good reason for it. My own team at MNPS Virtual Learning is studying about Instructional Design via "Designing Effective Instruction" by Morrison, Ross, and Kemp, and the focus of the ISTE Leadership Symposium in Denver last summer, led by Chris Johnson, was learningspacedesign (HEY, that's me and Kathy with Lee and others in one of those pics!). The cover story of the Dec.-January Leading and Learning with Technology is, guess what, "Design New Spaces for Learning." (I have a little POINT-COUNTERPOINT piece in that issue, by the way.)

But I digress. Here's the share for the day: David Thornbug, the fabulously driven educational change advocate, recently presented on the topic at TEDx TLN, an event that took place in Phoenix, Arizona. This video, a presentation David calls "Learning on the Holodeck: Theaters Without Audiences," just became available at YouTube and I want so much to share it that I'm embedding it here.

The punch line is worth waiting for. Wait for it...wait for it...

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tennessee Educational Technology Conference 2010

I spent much of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday schmoozing and attending sessions at this year's Tennessee Educational Technology Conference at the Nashville Convention Center. Let me just say this: Any conference that centers around educational technology needs to make sure their gathering place provides ample free wi-fi for its attendees. I know it's an old building, but they've done better at that in the past. Many of the attendees at these things need to be connected and they don't need to have to pay for a very laggy top-floor-only connection or plug into a hardwired laptop on the vendor floor. Just sayin'.

That's better. Now. This was a great conference for me because I

  1. met Debi Crabtree, Virtual Learning Coordinator for  Hamilton County Virtual Schools (and I'm still wondering why they can call their program a "school" and we can't) and her partner in presentation, Betsy Norris, and to sit in on several of their 5, count 'em, 5 presentations;
  2. got to watch my boss, Kecia Ray, present twice;
  3. discovered, thanks to Debi, CompassLearning, an online course provider that Debi says is "the most interactive and engaging content out there." I'll be reviewing that content this coming week for our own program; and
  4. attended friend Rusthon Hurley's keynote address, where he emphasized the power of video in education.
I only had my Samsung "dumbphone" with me for picture taking, though I did also snap a couple things with the Mac PhotoBooth program, so though I apologize for the quality of the snapshots, I'm posting those four pics right here:
e4tn presentation re a new Middle School beta
program for online learning

e4tn demos their LiveScribe exploration

Debi Crabtree shares Web 2.0 resources. I even learned 
a few new tricks. I am grateful to Debi for her sharing spirit and 
her eloquence and I soooo look forward to our future

Rushton Hurley wows a packed house

Thanks to the organizers of the conference for a rich learning experience, despite the missing ubiquitous wi-fi. Sorry to my tweetz and other PLN for the lack of communication during the conference! I'll share out some resources here later!!!


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