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We're HEEEEEEEERE! Podcamp Nashville 2011

(I would end up ditching at lunchtime, but it was an event full of potential and learning, so I kept the liveblog up whilst I dealt with other things, real life, family obligations. I'll go through it tomorrow and explore some of the shared links. As you read my comments, consider that I'm serious about the education thread (not that there really _are_ threads in this "unconference," and will look into how I might help with that next year!)

From Podcamp Nashville 2011, LiveBlog:

<p><p><a href="" >From Podcamp Nashville 2011</a></p></p>

Virtual Learning Student Asks U.S. Office of Educational Technology...

...Two Questions
I was greatly pleased to be present at the recent SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education) Conference here in Nashville as my dear friend Kecia Ray (and also my boss, in her role as MNPS Executive Director of Instructional Technology) and our student Taylor Grantham sat in on "A Conversation with Karen Cator." Along with them were two other educators, one from Wisconsin and one from Denmark.

It was a stellar hour, and I left with heightened appreciation for the work Ms. Cator is doing and also with something else--video! Filmed by colleague and pal Norman Merrifield, it serves as a reminder of just how good media can be when you enlist a professional videographer who wields professional gear. I'm posting the following videos, each a question from Miss Grantham and an answer from Ms. Cator!

A Little Song for Me Honey of Now, Oh About Three Decades

Adam Taylor is a Two Foot Giraffe

I had a great work day, culminating in a "Conversation with Karen Cator" at the SITE Conference over by the airport at the Sheraton Music City. I have to say this is my first experience with this annual conference which according to my boss and dear friend Kecia Ray is the only one of its kind, focused as it is on the two fields of Teacher Education and Technology. Its prominence was driven home when I ran into another friend, Wesley Field, of Skoolaborate fame, in the lobby, he having flown from his native Australia just for this conference!
MUCH more later on that, because right now I want to share a post from my school district's newsletter that highlights another innovator I'm VERY proud of, Adam Taylor at Overton High School. Here it is, from :
From the MNPS Children 1st Newsletter, Wednesday, March 09, 2011: Teacher Blog: Using Twitter to connect students around the world Posted by: jabass at 12:23:40 PM Adam Taylor Here in the MNP…

Son to the Boy Interview

My dear brother-from-another-mother Jimmy Morrison (he's one of the only people left who call me Scotty), mostly known as James, was featured in an interview at LA Canvas blog, and I think you should read it. The last line is something that goes a long way toward explaining why artists make art:

Interviewer Jacob Rohn asked him:
"JR:  What is your ultimate goal? He answered:
"JM:  Any kind of music has to be supported by playing live.  I’m working to put a band together and play a few shows.  But ultimately, music lives inside you, it’s up to you, the artist, the make sure that it doesn’t die inside you, cause just like anything else you can’t take it with you."My dear departed daddy used to sum it up this way:
"Ain't no pockets in them shrouds." ...although I must say he was talking more about his inability to save money and his great talent at spending it, whether it be on his family or his mistress of 20 years, than about creating art. But that's a…

Saturday Afternoon Movies

I can't believe this has been online for two years and I just encountered it. Truly, as James Gleick says in this recent Wired Magazine article, the basis of the universe is data, and no one can know it all. Here's a little movie for you all: