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Alive in Memphis: the Beale Street Music Festival 2011!

Hi, ya'll,

My son Colin and I are in Memphis, TN for thie year's Beale Street Music Festival (the people jam formerly known as the Beale Street Blues Festival, and we haz a blast last night. Here we are near the end of the night at the SoCo Blues Shack...

After a mostly uneventful 3 hour or so drive down to our West Tennessee capital (did you know there are 3 Tennessees? Yup, East, Middle, and West) we drove right up to the Broad Street loft occupied by friend and professional photographer David Nester and rang his doorbell. David, David, David. The former resident of his two story studio/residence reportedly sank a quarter of a million dollars into it and he has only recently purchased it outright for considerably less after maintaining a mortgage that became wonky due to some bank mergers and our most recent hard economic times. It's on a CUTE little strip of historic commercial buildings and I think he was right to do so. His remarkable collection of art and artifacts m…
Hellloooooo. I've been a bad blogger.

Actually, I have been a very good worker. We have just been so very busy at my work that I've let my blogging slip. I just want to punch the virtual clock here to note a couple of developments:

First, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's announcement of a partnership with Pearson Learning (aka Florida Virtual School when it comes to digital content) to produce 24 courses in math and literacy serving all grades K-12 ( What's more, 4 of them will be made available for free to schools.

Says a Foundation rep:

Each course will serve as a 150-day curriculum and will harness technological advances such as social networking, animation, and gaming to better engage and motivate students, Judy B. Codding, the managing director of the Pearson Foundation, told reporters...Secondary-level courses in math and elementary-school-level courses in English/language arts are to be available for the 2013-14 school year,…

Please Call Your Tennessee Congressman or Senator

and ask them to support House Bill 0732, the "Virtual Public Schools Act" slated to go before the Senate Education Subcommittee today. Here is the bill:

and just because I can, here it is in clickless form:

HOUSE BILL 732 By Brooks H
AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 49, Chapter 16, relative to virtual schools and to enact  the "Virtual Public Schools Act".
WHEREAS, meeting the educational needs of children in Tennessee's schools is of the  greatest importance to the future welfare of the state; and
WHEREAS, closing the achievement gap between high-performing students, including the gap between minority and non-minority students, and between economically disadvantaged  students and their more advantaged peers, is a significant and present challenge; and
WHEREAS, providing a broader range of educational options to parents and utilizing existing resources, …