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Congrats to Our Pioneer Class of 2011! AGAIN!

This is what I'm talking about. Congratulations to our seven graduating seniors amongst the class of 39 graduation seniors at Middle College High School! Thanks also to our parents for support and to our legislators for opening up the path to our actually being a SCHOOL. And what a school it will be. Stay tuned!

and watch them walk!

Congrats to Our Pioneer Class of 2011!

I'm proud enough to bust, and I'll be shaking the hands of these 7 pioneering virtual learners onstage on Monday. They're off into the world(s) after that! I've been building out a space in ReactionGrid, not yet available to our learners, but it will be. I took a few minutes to add a lasting tribute to these students that their future schoolmates will enjoy for years to come:

VEJ (say that out loud) is HERE!

ISTE SIGVE star Rosie Vojtek has spent hours and hours an correspondence after correspondence to drum up articles from some of the pioneers of virtual environments for education and here it is, the very first and BEAUTIFUL issue of VEJ, the Virtual Education Journal! Pick up your own copy of this stunning 40 page publicaton inworld in Second Life at ISTE Island Headquarters, read it right here at the embed below, or visit to read it, download it, and share it on your social networks--even embed it in your very own bloggie! Thanks to Rosie/Roxie for her untiring efforts of community support and innovation and to her husband Bob/BJ for all his work and support to make this premier issue a reality!

And now...

Open publication - Free publishing - More education

Day 3 and Home to Nashville, Still Alive from Beale Street Music Festival 2011

We are, we're still alive, and we will long cherish the memory of rolling down toward Riverfront Park's deep gray roiling gloom to the tune of Girl Talk's "Oh No" and the eerily loud tornado horns, laughing all the way and singing the lyrics with a passion.

We parked in our favorite (0 Dollars Parking) onstreet row on Talbot and hoofed it over to Riverfront, asking three guys sitting under a warehouse dock overhang, "Hey, ya'll see any ditches around here?" They laughed and pointed to a covered loading area across the street that already held a swimming pool's quota of dirty water. We crossed the tracks and headed to the welcome tent where we were told "No one's made any announcements yet but no one's playing either. Hoodies up against the rain we descended the steep stone stairs where there were equal numbers of drenched festival goers leaving and coming in from the north entrance.

Those leaving were rather dour while those enterin…

STILL Alive in Memphis, Day 2!

We are home at the hotel and proud of it. The day was stellar but we're what we in the Merrick family call "Monkey-Skunked." One of our primary maternal patriarchs was John Donelson Whalley, Lee Ann's step-father, and I hear his voice each time I hear or say the term. Basically, John would drawl in his best Toastmasters' voice, full of authority, "As the monkey said after havin' relations with the skunk, 'I haven't had as much as I want but I'm pretty sure I've had as much as I can stand."

We're there.

Reference these pics as you read, assuming you have the stamina to read all of this!

We started out the day by looking for a good free parking spot and find one we did. Parking on a side street we hiked down to Beale Street proper to get the lay of the land. It was only a few blocks before we joined the throngs of tourists (pronounce that "tursts") roaming around the sawhorse-blocked street, in and out of the chotski gift…