Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Day 3 and Home to Nashville, Still Alive from Beale Street Music Festival 2011

We are, we're still alive, and we will long cherish the memory of rolling down toward Riverfront Park's deep gray roiling gloom to the tune of Girl Talk's "Oh No" and the eerily loud tornado horns, laughing all the way and singing the lyrics with a passion.

We parked in our favorite (0 Dollars Parking) onstreet row on Talbot and hoofed it over to Riverfront, asking three guys sitting under a warehouse dock overhang, "Hey, ya'll see any ditches around here?" They laughed and pointed to a covered loading area across the street that already held a swimming pool's quota of dirty water. We crossed the tracks and headed to the welcome tent where we were told "No one's made any announcements yet but no one's playing either. Hoodies up against the rain we descended the steep stone stairs where there were equal numbers of drenched festival goers leaving and coming in from the north entrance.

Those leaving were rather dour while those entering were almost to a person laughing and joking. The weird doppler effect of the air horns droned on as we made our way down to the center stage where, yes, Lucero was setting up. Colin wanted to hear them and hear them we would. They started maybe 45 minutes late but played a really rockin' set to an audience of several hundred stalwart fans.

I headed toward a portapotty at one point and saw a guy who'd decided the growing muddy puddles were just the thing to play in. Here's a quick example of his act:

More to come...

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