Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Jeffersons, Volume 1

    As their friend and 'cross-the-street neighbor I feel completely entitled to lend a promotional hand to sharing this amazing, creative, intensely musical release. Visit to hear and purchase Lisa Brokop and Paul Jefferson's wonderful new project, "The Jeffersons, Volume 1." Presumably that hints that there will be a Volume 2 some day! My favorite is "Almost Like We Meant To," closely followed by "Alcatraz." What's yours!? Okay, I do like "One Headlight." And "Take My Heart." Okay, I love it ALL. 
    For more of the wonderful music these two have created, performed, and recorded over the years during their solo and band careers, you can visit Lisa's official website at, Paul's at MySpace, or Paul's band, Hilljack's MySpace.
    We couldn't ask for better neighbors. One of these days the Merricks will actually go out at night and catch one of The Jefferson's local performances at the Bluebird!

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