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MNPS Principals' Retreat Virtual School Sharing

We had an experience yesterday that I want to share here, and I hope that if there are any who were present in the audience who might have taken pictures or who have thoughts they would like to share will do just that--share them.

Our school district, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, like I'm sure is the practice in many others, holds an annual Principals' Retreat to reset focus for those school leaders who are dispersed across the geographical district. It's one of the very few times these folks are all in one room. In our district, which serves nearly 80,000 students preK-12 and a growing population of adult learners, that means that around 140 school Principals meet to network, learn, and share.

This year the Retreat is held over three days, including Saturday I might add, at the Martin Professional Development Center, where my "small but powerful" team spent its first year implementing an on-the-fly Virtual Learning Program whose highlight was the gradu…

The 3rd Issue of Virtual Environments Journal is HERE!

beautiful new issuu (sic) of SIGVE's Virtual Education Journal? With two articles by moi and 60 pages of some of the most engaging introductions to what's happening in 3D worlds learning and teaching ever shared with the public?

Bring it on!!!

And thanks, Rosie and Bob Vojtek. FYI, both of those fine folks, who produce VEJ as a labor of love, are vibrant educational community leaders, public school administrators in their "real" lives and active volunteers for educational innovation on an international scale. See what they and many other innovators are up to in virtual worlds. You'll be amazed and impressed, I warrant.

Open publication - Free publishing

Please share profusely. And do visit ISTE Island in Second Life before  it moves to a new, smaller (but most likely more robust) space. You'll want to build a few virtual memories from the heyday of our tribe, now, wontcha?

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For better or for worse, I often consider myself a solitary fellow. I have my tight knit little group at MNPS Virtual School with whom I work, often in isolation (but not far from community) in my beautiful corner office on the top floor of an historical building in the Cohn Adult Learning Center in Nashville, Tennessee. But it has been a core assumption of my own self-image that I'm sort of a loner. Teachers everywhere might identify with this--typically isolated in a classroom with no other adult to share their best moments with, teachers have often cited isolation as a basic descriptor of their work environment.

Having moved into our new school and into my new office in a bit of a rush in August of last year, I recently came into a newly donated desk, which stimulated a sort of remodel of my office. The whole process left me with a new space on a wall directly across from my desk. I'm not one to leave an empty wall, so I brought in a wonderful Red Grooms silkscreen (see th…
Happy 2012, ya'll, and welcome to a new year of renewed dedication to blogging my head off. 

I've recently begun working on a piece of writing to document my work in K12 distance learning and I'm working-titling it 
The Necessaries: Essential Components for Best Practices in Online K12 Education

In doing so, I realize that I need to write both universally and specifically, but my overriding goal is to create something both personal and professional, sort of like this blog, that will help others emulate and improve upon our efforts here in Nashville, Tennessee. I won't be sharing the text itself as I work, but I will be pulling out snippets to share as I progress. My rough draft begins with a set of numbered (though not necessarily sequentially) bullets:
HumanwareVisionFundingCooperation/Interfunctionality with Existing SystemsLearning Management SystemMonitoring and Support ProceduresMarketingFacilitiesHardwareI'll be adding to these and possibly merging some of them i…