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My Mantra

I have been thinking recently that I should share this and so here it is: my mantra.

What's a mantra, you may ask?

Well I'm not going the wikipedia route here, though you certainly may, if you wish, to check my definition. Here's the story. I was first introduced to the concept in 1970 when the University of Tennessee campus was visited by a representative from the Maharishi Mahish Yogi. I was with my first wife then, having been hitched up at the age of 19, and after purifying our bodies of alcohol, drugs, and other contaminants for two weeks, we met this person at a hotel in downtown Knoxville, presented a handkerchief and a fruit offering according to instructions, and spent, individually, an hour or so being introduced to the practice of Transcendental Meditation. I practiced this for a year or so until I left it off in the pursuit of other enlightenments. I think, actually, that it was becoming socially difficult for me to remain pure in that way, and perhaps that I w…