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MNPS Virtual School's New Principal!

Metro Nashville Public Schools announced yesterday that it had selected a new Principal for our MNPS Virtual School who will begin working with us April 9! The tiny but capable, earnest, tight-knit team here, who have been working together daily for a year and a half to bring online learning options to the students of Metro Nashville and Davidson County, find ourselves completely elated to welcome Dr. James Witty to our team.

Dr. Witty brings extensive policy making and programs oversight experience to our school and his experience with nontraditional schools at the State level will lend significant added value to our endeavors. We met with him in person at the School last week and he was most appreciative of the progress we have made, while clearly set on making strides that will result in a new model of virtual learning that will be a national one. First impressions are stellar ones, and we couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Register's selection of him as our new leader.


Podcamp Nashville 2012!

Hey, y'all, I am sooooo looking forward to sharing some of my insights (yes, I do have a few) from what I would say is my mixed bag of avocational and professional experiences in virtual three dimensional worlds at Podcamp Nashville 2012. You could help me out by visiting my session description and signing up to attend--I'd be beholden.

So would my avatar(s).

The schedule is not set in stone yet, either onsite or virtually, so you're not so much committing as you are indicating that, "Hey, this looks like something I could learn from!"

Did you know that there is a fully online distance learning high school where students attend as avatars and are assessed based on their creations within the 3D world? Did you have any inkling that the "biggest" virtual world reports over 250 million users? Or that that the recognized research authority lists the top 15 virtual world platforms and that the one most often referenced as the keystone, Linden Lab's Seco…

ISTE Senior Director of Education Leadership -- call to apply

ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, is on the hunt for a top-tier educational thought leader who is primed to lead, inspire, and impact the lives of educators worldwide in the years to come. This new Senior Director of Education Leadership will help forge the future of ISTE's education services, products, and resources and become an essential part of the ISTE Leadership Team. Preference will be given to strategic thinkers and skilled implementers, who understand key concepts behind transformative leadership at the systems level, including practical application throughout the K–12 education enterprise.

Consideration will be given to applicants with an active and current national (preferably global) network of leading educators. Specific knowledge about the delivery and measurement of effective professional learning experiences, demonstrated credibility in the field of education, and a passion for remaining current with digital age learning and teaching skil…

ISTE SIG Leadership Positions Election Now Open!

For those of you who are members of ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, I want to share the ballot for Special Interest Groups positions in the ongoing election, which closes April 12. Here's the announcement from ISTE, along with a list of the candidates for SIG positions (links disabled, but enabled at the ISTE voting site). 
I am pleased with the opportunity to serve SIGOL, the Special Interest Group for Online Learning, and especially to be in the company of such a big ticket of talented educators. I won't be doing a lot of campaigning for this position, choosing rather to let nature take its course with the confidence that any one of these ISTE members, many of whom are friends, will do a bang-up job as Professional Development Chair for SIGOL.
April 08, 2010 Calling all ISTE members! If you haven't yet chosen your preferred candidates in the ISTE board elections, please review the voter's guide and cast your ballot by 5 pm pacific/8 pm eas…

Changes at Virtual School

Today is the last day for our Coordinator/Acting Principal's tenure at MNPS Virtual School. Our staff is now comprised of a full-time Specialist (moi), a full-time Senior Secretary, a 10-month Registrar, and a 10-month Counselor. A Principal's position has been posted to replace our lost colleague, whom we will all miss. Until then, it's "just us chilrens here" (sic).

We're serving 49 Full-Time students this semester. We serve 152 "Hybrid" students, those taking one or more online classes with us and our Adjunct Faculty of 18 teachers while attending their bricks-and-mortar schools for a school day. These numbers represent exponential service growth by a factor of 3 over the Fall semester and we believe will continue to grow exponentially as we look to the future in school year 2012-13. Most of them are High-Schoolers, but we have pockets of Middle Schoolers taking Algebra I at their schools with our teacher and our curriculum and one Full-Time &quo…

Social Exclusion

My pal Kevin Jarrett recently asked me for a copy of an image I snapped on the way to NSA with my son Colin last week. BTW, Kevin has an excellent educational blog and Colin will be releasing a 4 original song EP in the next month or so. Both those individuals bear following wherever you may find them.

I sent him the picture and he turned it into a stunning statement about bullying. I republish here toward sharing with as broad an audience as possible. Feel free to pass it around...