Friday, March 23, 2012

Podcamp Nashville 2012!

Hey, y'all, I am sooooo looking forward to sharing some of my insights (yes, I do have a few) from what I would say is my mixed bag of avocational and professional experiences in virtual three dimensional worlds at Podcamp Nashville 2012. You could help me out by visiting my session description and signing up to attend--I'd be beholden.

So would my avatar(s).
ISTE Field Trip to Reaction Grid, 2010

The schedule is not set in stone yet, either onsite or virtually, so you're not so much committing as you are indicating that, "Hey, this looks like something I could learn from!"

Did you know that there is a fully online distance learning high school where students attend as avatars and are assessed based on their creations within the 3D world? Did you have any inkling that the "biggest" virtual world reports over 250 million users? Or that that the recognized research authority lists the top 15 virtual world platforms and that the one most often referenced as the keystone, Linden Lab's Second Life, is not anywhere on that list? Do you know anyone who has met their life partner in a virtual world? Anyone who has ruined a relationship "in real life" by pursuing one "inworld?" I do.

Do you know that virtual economies often are linked to real ones for major real income?" What about this arena's incredible potential for training and professional development? How about those 6000+ educators who have joined the Second Life Group for the International Society for Technology in Education?

What about its potential to enhance the lives of physically challenged people? Those who cannot walk--can fly.

We'll cover as much of this as we can during "Virtual Worlds: What's in them for You?" at Podcamp Nashville 2012, with a panel of real people who are driving avatars in real time. The time has come for you to begin enhancing your work with play.

Can't make it down to Cadillac Ranch on Saturday, April 14? Come into Second Life to ISTE SIGVE, the new home of the ISTE Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments. Either way, do take a minute to Sign Up at the Sessions site! While you're there, look over all the sessions! I'll be doing some live-blogging whilst not in my own session. Make a request for me to live-blog a session for you by commenting on this post!

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