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ISTE Senior Director of Education Leadership -- call to apply

ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, is on the hunt for a top-tier educational thought leader who is primed to lead, inspire, and impact the lives of educators worldwide in the years to come. This new Senior Director of Education Leadership will help forge the future of ISTE's education services, products, and resources and become an essential part of the ISTE Leadership Team. Preference will be given to strategic thinkers and skilled implementers, who understand key concepts behind transformative leadership at the systems level, including practical application throughout the K–12 education enterprise.

Consideration will be given to applicants with an active and current national (preferably global) network of leading educators. Specific knowledge about the delivery and measurement of effective professional learning experiences, demonstrated credibility in the field of education, and a passion for remaining current with digital age learning and teaching skills are a must. ISTE seeks applicants with outstanding internal and external communications skills and a strong track record of turning strategic ideas into positive results. ISTE's Senior Director of Education Leadership will be responsible for leveraging ISTE services, products, and resources to achieve consistent and predictable revenue targets to fuel the organization and increase the reach of its mission globally. Identifying and driving new opportunities and alliances for content creation, curation, and dissemination will serve as the cornerstone of this visible position. For more information on this position, which is located in Eugene, Oregon, please visit


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On my final day of Fall Break, which I spent mostly knocking out home-focused honey-do items (though I did get to Marrowbone Lake for one morning of fishing), I decided to take a walk over the John L. Seigenthaler Memorial Bridge. I had never done it before! My goal was to take a 360 panorama for my little side project, Nashville360VR, which has been suffering lately from my dedication to my new job at Warner Enhanced Elementary School. I did that, and on a whim I Periscoped it. Here's the video of that which I saved locally. Folks popped in and out--I don't think I had more than 20 or so concurrent viewers, but all in all I received 251 peeks over the 13 or so minutes or so of the 'cast. You won't see chat or comments (or hearts :), but you can view the video. Here:

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