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MNPS Virtual School's New Principal!

Metro Nashville Public Schools announced yesterday that it had selected a new Principal for our MNPS Virtual School who will begin working with us April 9! The tiny but capable, earnest, tight-knit team here, who have been working together daily for a year and a half to bring online learning options to the students of Metro Nashville and Davidson County, find ourselves completely elated to welcome Dr. James Witty to our team.

Dr. Witty brings extensive policy making and programs oversight experience to our school and his experience with nontraditional schools at the State level will lend significant added value to our endeavors. We met with him in person at the School last week and he was most appreciative of the progress we have made, while clearly set on making strides that will result in a new model of virtual learning that will be a national one. First impressions are stellar ones, and we couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Register's selection of him as our new leader.

Meanwhile, we are supporting our students and teachers in every way we can, moving into the final 8 weeks of our first year as a school, toward graduating our first class of seniors on May 21st (though as a program we did send 7 seniors from our Virtual Learning Program out into the collegiate world last year).

Look for amazing things in 2012-13!

From the media release: “I am extremely excited to be a part of the innovative work of the Virtual School,” says Witty. “I have  dedicated my career to working on behalf of nontraditional learners. As MNPS continues to expand the number of pathways for students to earn a high school diploma, I am humbled to be a part of this innovative and important work. I look forward to leading the dynamic team at the Virtual School and making the school a national model.”


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