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Glad to be Welcomed into the ISTE SIGOL Fold!

Anita Edmonds Harris, from SIGOL on Facebook SIGOL's Leadership Team would like to congratulate Scott Merrick on his election as our new Professional Development Chair! We are pleased and honored that Scott has accepted this position.

Scott is currently an Online Learning Specialist with the MNPS Virtual School in Nashville, TN. Scott has experience as a teacher, technology coordinator, chairperson for ISTE SIGVE, and co-founder and consultant for MUVErs LLC.

Also noteworthy, "Scott has been a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a poet, a novelist, a cruise ship director, a librarian, a salesman, a bartender, a restaurant a manager, a blogger, a podcaster, and now is settling into his current life as a technologist who builds and delivers learning opportunities for eager learners for whom traditional schools just do not work. He likes to fish and to spend time with his lovely wife and his two marvelous children."

We hope that you, as our members, will also like to congratulate…

Join a SIG!

I just shared this in Facebook, but realizing some folks don't like that Big Social Brother platform, I want to repost here:

I was really sharing the whole page at and my status update went something like, "I don't care if you have to hold a bakesale for the annual membership dues. If you're an educator and you're not an ISTE member you're missing out on the richest connections the profession has to offer. Watch the brief video at this page to see and hear why. You'll likely see some very familiar faces!!!"

Coleen Kimball rocks with:

Podcamp Nashville 2012 was a BLAST!

Well it was a hoot. Woot. I was so glad that my dear colleague Mike Terry made the jump into geekland with me and attended this annual free "unconference" down at Tequila Cowboy, a Lower Broadway Nashville bar that was formerly called Cadillac Ranch.

This seems a perfect venue for the event, and I'm putting Podcamp 2013 on my to-do list for next year. It was very very very very much the learning experience. I'm going to jot down a few observations here, but a quick scan of the sessions descriptions should whet your own appetite for next year. I would estimate the venue could handle roughly double the numbers attending yesterday and next year, your presence should count toward that total!

I was there right after the doors opened at 8am and quickly moved through the sidewalk registration table, strolled inside, picked up my lanyard and name tag and my little obligatory conference canvas bag (how many canvases had to die to create those, I wonder?). Inside were a progra…

SocialLearningSummit 2012--Free Learning!

Very cool:

As if Podcamp Nashville 2012 on April 14 won't fill you up, the very next Saturday, April 21, online in the Blackboard Collaborate platform, you can learn all you care to learn about Social Media in the service of learning and teaching.

There will be 41 different sessions during the course of the day, and I won't share the whole listing, but you can get a good notion of how it's going to go with just the first few session descriptions:

Social Networking for Teacher Education Leigh A. Hall; Associate Professor of Literacy Studies School, Library, or Organization Name: University of North Caro…

Using VoiceThreads to Teach College Literature Courses Vicki Phillips   School, Library, or Organization Name: Rasmussen College   Co-Presenter Name(s):   

The New Newsletter Brad Wilson, 4th Grade Teacher   School, Library, or Organization Name: Lakeshore Public Schools   
Elaine Plybon   School, Library, or Organization Name: Jack E. Singley Academy and MacArthur High School,…