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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Okay, teachmeet Nashville! so I get 20 minutes. There's too much to share and it's VERY likely that much of this will be blocked. We'll get to as much of it as we can in that precious 20. So here's what you can explore on your own!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Global Education Initiative--Really?

There is a global initiative to offer global standards aligned education over the internetz (sic) to any child anywhere. Yes, really, there is. Embroiled in and committed as I am to my own rather local work, I can see myself moving out and on to this, or something like it, though not until after my current work is judged to be firmly rooted in the educational schema. It's just a beautiful notion.

You can learn more about the initiative, and more about Tracy Hanson's work, at (registration at edweb required).

For now, look at this, one first effort, and the fruit it has already yielded (play videos, guarandurnteed to make you smile. Share it, think about it, and celebrate it. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

CDBaby Music Widget

Late last evening, I was at a friend's home last night listening to my dear son, Colin, play acoustically a couple of his brilliant original songs, soon to be available in the form of a 4 song EP, and one of the little audience asked me what kind of music I play. Well, I don't play enough these days. Lost in day-to-day work and service, I keep forgetting this is on my blog as a tab; but since it sometimes doesn't draw enough attention, I want to post it today to remind me, and you, that this set of musical snapshots, drawn from Alaska concert halls 'way back in 1979, is here, along with some garage recorded original instrumentals. Here you are.


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