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EcoMUVE goes real-world

It's kind of a magic story: Chris Dede created a virtual version of a real-world pond and loaded it up with learning projects and resources for students to explore ecology. Once that was successful in a pilot group of middle schools he responded to nature educators' criticism by creating augmented reality stations at the real-world pond he had originally based his Unity-created virtual world upon. Now students have the best of all worlds and those lucky enough to experience it, students and teachers alike, have gained a powerful set of experiences that they will treasure and remember the rest of their lives.

If I know Chris, he has some strong research-documentation practices in place that will benefit all of us who are convinced that the grossly outdated essential tenets of how we carry out education can, indeed, be changed for the good. Watch this video and catch info about the augmented reality piece after the jump.

Amazing, yes? It doesn't stop there, Chris has a wel…

Online Learning Institute 2012--Reflections

NOTE: I'll clean this up and add some pics soon. Wanted to get it down as my train is pulling toward Ventura, my final stop on this lovely ride up the coast of California. And as I mention toward the end, I intend to do a similar treatment of the ISTE Conference proper. It was stellar and it deserves the same attention to reflection. Bear with me!

Here on the train on the way to Ventura, California, after ISTE 2012 in San Diego, I promised myself I would reflect on elements of the conference that struck me as "reflectionable." Funny, at my former job I forwarded the notion that all teachers/staff from the school who benefit from travel funding should be required to share a report of their trip with colleagues who have not, or those who may have travelled to another conference in another location. This was 'way back in 1996 or 1997, at the outset of the Read/Write Web, and it wasn't so easy to share online as it is today. Heck, today one need only pop a wiki up an…

ISTE 2012 SIGVE Virtual Environments Playground!

We had a wonderful fabulous fun time at the ISTE SIGVE Virtual Environments Playground yesterday. I'm up mid morning to say that.

During the playground day we had anywhere from 10-20 folks at any given time enjoying the presentations here in San Diego via our live ustream into Second Life (THANKS, Gridjumper and Blue) and, surprisingly, we have had nearly 500 views of our work at our ustream channel! We'll do some editing of the material we archived there (when the recording technology worked and we remembered to hit that all-important "record" button), but you can view it there on your own as you will for now.

Our annual meeting went quick-like-a-bunny with the few, the dedicated, the cool ISTE SIGVE core getting together to chat about just what it is we are and we want to do. This is a "Birds of a Feather" session which we (typically out of the box and into the new) use as our annual meetup. After 6 really engaging share sessions in the Virtual Environmen…

Day 1 1/2, Leadership Symposium at ISTE12

This morning is rolling out nicely, with one of my new educational idols, Michael Fullan, speaking about "Full System Change" in engaging ways with some very very salient points and some very very refreshing turns of phrase. "Simplexity" is a cool one, as is "successfulness." I am just jotting this down too help me remember to update this post later with why I think these terms are meaningful.

Meanwhile, help yourself to the iste12 slideshow. I'll be contributing to this at least daily, but it hopefully will give you a feel for how exciting this week is, as it develops and grows:

Here's my little slice of the above pie:

My Outrageous ISTE12 Schedule

Using the ISTE "conference planner," I've developed a game plan for ISTE12 in San Diego starting on Saturday. There are many many conflicts--a strategy I've developed over the years so that I have a reference at my fingertips for making ad hoc decisions about which wonderful opportunity to embrace; and there are many many sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities I have yet to discover and embrace, but here's a start on't. Hope to see you there!

After the conference I am spending one evening with friend Lisa Linn and her husband, then Thursday I'm boarding a train for a lovely ride up the coast to Ojai, California, where I'll spend some quality time with my dear friend/brother Jimmy and his son, my godson Seamus, and their beautiful wife and mom, Riad.

Like I said in the last post, this'll be the shizzzzzzzzz.

For you verbal learners, here's the thing in words: ----------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday, Ju…