Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ISTE 2012 SIGVE Virtual Environments Playground!

We had a wonderful fabulous fun time at the ISTE SIGVE Virtual Environments Playground yesterday. I'm up mid morning to say that.

During the playground day we had anywhere from 10-20 folks at any given time enjoying the presentations here in San Diego via our live ustream into Second Life (THANKS, Gridjumper and Blue) and, surprisingly, we have had nearly 500 views of our work at our ustream channel! We'll do some editing of the material we archived there (when the recording technology worked and we remembered to hit that all-important "record" button), but you can view it there on your own as you will for now.

Our annual meeting went quick-like-a-bunny with the few, the dedicated, the cool ISTE SIGVE core getting together to chat about just what it is we are and we want to do. This is a "Birds of a Feather" session which we (typically out of the box and into the new) use as our annual meetup. After 6 really engaging share sessions in the Virtual Environments Playground from 8 to 4. It's history now, and we've archived it (more or less) at ustream.tv. You can visit our ISTESIGVE2012 channel there and hunt and peck to see some of the presentations to learn more right now.

You can also enjoy our annual meeting right here, right now...

Video streaming by Ustream
I want to thank our esteemed outgoing Lowly High Grand Poobah Andy Wheelock not only for the collaborative way we made the Playground happen again--despite the useless Smart boards (due to the amazingly sunny setting) and some technical wonks--but for being in my life, truly a "brother-from-another-mother." I met you in Second Life, Andy, under the moniker Spiff Whitfield, and I can't imagine my First Life without you. You've passed the SIGVE torch (and hat) to our new Lowly High Grand Poobah Bob Vojtek, and you are now elevated to Emeritus status. Bob will lead us this year, Kae Novak will do so the following year, and we will sustain. We will thrive. We will share. We are a tribe. In accordance with our clearly prescribed (I'm rofl) policies and procedures, we'll carry on into our new year toward ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, TX.

Join us at the 2012 ISTE SIGVE EduMachinima Fest tonight, 5:30 to 7:30, Room 11, wherever that is! And go view machima in many categories and VOTE now!

We have over 2500 members in our SIG, most of them (and we do value them) "lurkers." All of us are "lurkers" in many other arenas--there's just not enough time in any day for us to be fully engaged in every group whose efforts we admire and follow. There are many core members even here in San Diego who could not be here for this meetup but who contribute consistently to our work. And many who could not travel to San Diego this year, in a time of cut budgets and administrative belt-tightening. Thanks to all who could be here. Your reward? Here's what I like to call the "money shot" from the conference, the annual group photo after our meeting:

and I do want to remind you that the anniversary issue of our Virtual Education Journal is up at http://virtualeducationjournal.com -- go read! Thanks to Bob and Rosie for that massive contribution!

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