Saturday, July 21, 2012

iSocial Creates Learning Experiences for Students with Autism

Take a good look here: This is a working example of the sorts of learning I believe any student, not just those with Autism, can benefit from. Oops, I ended a sentence a preposition with. Shucks. Where was I? Oh, kudos to Dr. James Laffey and his graduate students and their young participating avatars pioneering in this sucker-slap-to-the-head spot-on implementation of virtual worlds to serve students in a manner not obtainable in any other way. The "sense of place at a distance" that I and many others (see have been talking about for years, and, indeed, in many cases, demonstrating, has been put to use here in undeniable clarity. After viewing the video, read all about it at .

But watch first:

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