Monday, August 20, 2012

Calling ALL Connected Educators!

I've been off-grid(s) lately as my first work, my MNPS Virtual School, is getting off the ground with doubled enrollment over last year and new policies and procedures gearing up for continued incremental exponential growth, but I do intend to be there for

A Connected Educators Hour Inworld

August 21, 2012 Connected Hour with SIGVE
In celebration of Connected Educator’s MonthSIGVE is hosting a Connected hour with some of the most innovative educators around.  On August 21 at 9PM EST a tour covering 6 virtual destinations will begin atSIGVE headquarters on Second Life.  The tour will also be broadcast live and viewable on Youtube.  Tours will provide information regarding ongoing connected activities for educators.  Questions will be taken throughout the tour both in-world and on the stream.
Our own Gridjumper says it better than I could. READ all the amazing details, which include a new and innovative mashup event delivery system which will allow all educators to participate, whether they are avatar ready or not!

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