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Pearson Learning Executive Forum, September 2012

A decade or so ago, working in a private school setting as Lower School Technology Coordinator at University School of Nashville, I forwarded the notion that any of our esteemed faculty and staff who benefited from funding to attend professional development workshops should be required to share what they learned from the experience. That suggestion was never formalized, though I did my best to hold myself to that standard here at my blog. Previous posts as far back as 2006 shared my travels in learning with the world, and the fun part is that they stand as a lasting archive. Here's the most recent addition to that body of work.

Thank you for attending 2012 PDL PreK-12 Executive Forum “Common Ground and Higher Expectations” in Orlando, FL.  We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to meet educators just like you and discovered exciting ways to reach your destination and tools that will help navigate you toward your goals of higher student achievement.
Your input is important to us! If …

Snapshots from Our First Ever MNPS Virtual School 2012 September Picnic in the Park!

EdTechLeadersOnline Fall Webinars

Re-shared from ETLO's email campaign! OF course I want you to take in all of these, but October 30? Probably attendance-required!

Join us for these fall webinar events! Increasing Student Achievement: Digital Tools in Online Learning Environments Date: Wednesday, October 17
Time: 3:00-4:00 PM ET
Presenter:Dr. Lisa Hervey, NBCT, Research Associate at The William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation In this webinar, Dr. Hervey will discuss and reflect on the importance of selected standards from the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) related to teaching with multimedia and online tools. She will also share several free, open-source digital tools that can support online educators in meeting these standards.

The webinar will focus on four guiding questions: Authenticity: How do the selected SREB and iNACOL standards address student engagement? What does this mean for online educators?Clarity: …

Busy October!

Just touching base on a few presentations I'll be doing in October. It's going to be a busy month. First, for ISTE's SIGOL, I'll be facilitating and hosting  a 59 minute session as the opening event for the bi-monthly SIGOL Webinar series "Priceless ProfDev in Less than and Hour!"I'm really looking forward to this one and I hope you can join us, as Cat Flippen (who can resist a smile at that name?) shares some great successes she's had using online tools in her high school classrooms. This one will be of great interest to all of us working in online learning environments as well as to anyone in any classroom with an internet connection, anywhere! Here's the brief description, and I'll add more details as we get closer to the event itself:
Wed., Oct. 173 pm EasternCatherine FlippenOnline Assessments, Data Collection and You -- How to assess, reinforce, and collect data without using paper to improve student success in the classroom.ll

Then, du…

Post-Interview for Channel 4

I suppose that everyone who's ever been on a television news interview does to some extent replay and revise answers in their head after the fact. I have to say that my own recall and response is working overtime though, so I am posting this morning in the wee hours in order to say what I wish I would have had time to say. Once the segment airs on Nashville's Channel 4 News, purportedly on Monday evening, I'll grab the video and embed it or link to it here, so that you will be able to laugh at my performance or congratulate me for it. Either way, it's in the past.

So, emailed at around 10:30 on Friday morning to attend a live television interview at the Martin Professional Development Center at 1:15 that afternoon, I concluded what I was working on, which was one of 23 class-specific "Performance Concerns" online reportage forms, geared to improve student support for all of our nearly 700 student course seats this semester (more on that later), I ran home in …