Friday, October 19, 2012

MobiLearnAsia Schedule and More

I connected last night via's light client to the conference planners in Singapore for MobiLearnAsia, coming up next week. It was interesting to work out some connection issues and to have them turn their webcam around to share the vast room that I'll be projecting into for my one hour session "3D Learning Environments at SIGVE," wherein I'll do some 'splainin' about how we set this up every year in order to share the goings-on at the huge annual ISTE conference with members scattered around the globe both online at at the ISTE Headquarters in Second Life, pipe in presenters to the SIGVE Playground, and ustream the whole kit and kaboodle out onto the Internetz. Here's a screenshot I took at the last moment:

It should be fun. I may just need to work out some nice new mashup of online platforms for the event. I so enjoyed mixing up Prezi and Wikispaces for this year's Podcamp Nashville and the (live next week at K12OnlineConference--going on now!) Wallwisher/Audacity, CamtasiaStudio thing I just completed. Hmmmmm... I do know that I'll be sharing both ISTE SIGVE's Second Life Headquarters and some videos and also my work in Kitely for MNPS Virtual School. Unfortunately it's only for the local participants, but I'll make any lasting resources I share available here. It's never boring, unless you're bored by learning!

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