Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teacher's Apple--Infographic

This gorgeous piece of work has been much reposted and repinned, but I'm not shy. I sometimes put stuff in my blog just 'cause I want to remember it. With so many other options for that function available (see, it's not a consistent strategy., but that's mine of choice this fine crisp Sunday winter morning.

Before I do, let me opine that this graphical/text object is interesting because it reads like an article without actually being an article. And that I'm not sure I buy into the prediction of Apple's dominance, though I will further share my opinion that their intentional, focused work in the education sector mirrors the way that they have focused their sales on one particular device, and that the profligacy of android devices noted in the infographic goes well noted in that respect. Personally, I'm suspecting that the Google Chromebook may the the ticket, at least in education (see friend Kathy Schrock's "first impressions" of the Chromebook).

All that said, enjoy:

An Infographic by Open Colleges

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