Thursday, December 06, 2012

Help! Now! Voting Ends Sunday!

I was in a meeting today with my dear friend (and ISTE President) Dr. Kecia Ray, and she introduced me as an internationally recognized expert in the field of 3D virtual learning. That felt good, even though I tend to run from the room anytime anyone invokes the "e" word. Help us kinda sorta prove that. Daily, from each device you have with a unique IP addie, visit, and vote (at least) in the Social Network category for ISTE-SIGVE. Help make this happen. It'll be huge, at least in a small way. 11:59 Sunday night, from I think Eastern time zone, it's over. You know what you need (and want) to do. Sincerely, with hugs from Nashville, Tennesee, Scott

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