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This is a visual taste of an audio treat. Coming soon to an iTunes and a CDBaby and a music store near you! Watch colinmerrickdotcom for announcements and one draft track! (#prouddad)

Bathwater, No Baby

I've spent portions of this week working to update our school's website at to reflect the realities surrounding the start up of Spring 2013's semester. I'm most proud of the faculty page at, which displays the smiling faces of the 25 adjunct teachers who will facilitate the progress of our (nearly 100 now) full-time online students and our part-timers in the 23 MNPS high schools we serve, along with the handful of beta program middle schools where we have Middle Schoolers taking high school courses for advanced high school credit. These dedicated human beings are mostly full-time MNPS teachers, with a few retired ones and a few out of county teachers. Without exception, they believe in the future of online learning enough to take on more work in their work day in order to pioneer it.

This past week, it came to my attention that there is a small group of legislators who are mounting an initiative to (once …