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Bandwidth: the Bottom Line

Dear friends,

I have often said that every conversation about technology in schools boils down to one about bandwidth. It doesn't matter how many netbooks, iPads, or other hardware a school can manage to purchase, if a child has to wait 15 seconds, or longer, for the results of every click on a website or online resource for its results, the gains won't happen. Now that I'm striving to improve the quality of education in the Public Schools sector I understand the need to level the playing ground; and not only level it, but to raise it higher for all of our children, not just those in pricey private schools.

You don't need to know what a SIG is, or what ISTE is, or what any of the other plethora of acronyms we educators can come up with at the drop of a flying feather, this is important and deserves your attention and action. I received this email yesterday. Please take the 30 seconds it will take to jump through the very simple hoops needed to verify your digital signa…

MNPS Virtual School Dedication--Check!!!

I'm very proud of the teamwork and dedication to excellence that helped make this day possible, as Dr. Jesse Register said "a very special day...because I am so proud of the work that is going on at the MNPS Virtual School." You at least owe it to yourself to hear his opening remarks, but what follows is also very very informative. Enjoy...