Saturday, June 22, 2013

ISTE 2013 Post 6: Arrival

We're heeeeere, y'all. I flew in today with my team from MNPS Virtual School and yes, I should be going to bed in my lovely Westin Riverwalk 12th floor hotel room, but I remember that I promised a blog post daily. Here's today's.

We all arrived fairly early at the airport and spent some time over beverages and nachos at O'Charley's before boarding the plane. We had a last minute gate change and arrived as the B Group for Southwest was boarding and I hoped into line since I was assigned B2. An alarm went off and the attendant said, Uh-Uh, you're going to San Antonio, you don't want to get on this plane--this plane's going to St. Louis.

Ha. Embarrassing but at least the system works. I'm not in St. Louis. I've never experienced that particular situation, since the plane at our new gate was boarding right when we should have been. All sorted out, we waited for that plane to board and ours to arrive, disembark passengers, and got loaded in around 15 minutes late. We arrived in San Antonio just that late and I missed my first event, a SIG appreciation event that included Riverwalk boat tours. We headed down to the Hyatt, past the convention center, stopping in there to pick up our registration materials, and ran in to my first dear friend, Marianne Malmstrom, in front of the Hyatt. After chatting for a while we parted, but not after more hugs and handshakes from Sarah Rolle, Chris Luchs, Kae Novak, Adam Bellow, Andy Wheelock, and Jan Zanetis. It has begun.

Speaking of beginning, if you haven't registered for this year's Leadership Summit (this year called "Epic Leadership: Beyond the Hype of Gamification," I understand there are a very few seats left. It starts at 9 am at the self-same Hyatt adjacent to the Convention Center and I'll be there by 7 or so to help organize and set up for success. If you have attended these events in the past I can say one thing: This will be like none other. Don't miss it! A talk by opening keynoter Jane McGonigal, direction from the incomparable Peggy Sheehy, and an event that is really, well, a game--there, I've given you a few clues. Here's another:

After a darned good dinner at Durty Nellie's Irish Pub, we hit the Hyatt again for an MNPS  ISTE attendees get together at our incoming President Kecia Ray's lush Presidential Suite. It's only fitting, and it was interesting to meet several new local colleagues and to fetch a hug from Kecia and one from the lovely and personable ISTE Board Member Gwyneth Jones. 

 It has begun. I'd better get to bed. Blog you tomorrow. G'night.

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