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ISTE 2013 -- Post2: Exercise Ramblings

I apparently lied to you when I said I'd blog daily. It just got very busy at work and frankly, I forgot that in the last post I promised to do so. So here is random blog post in preparation for ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. We'll be flying in on Saturday.

Let's talk about exercise.

I begin most mornings on my trusty Body Power Recumbent Bike, purchased at around half price from a year ago April, and I began documenting my "workouts" (I put that in quotes because I've rigged a laptop stand across the handlebars and sometimes the event is less active than others, though most times I do work up a sweat) with a Google Form I created. I set up six cells with formulas to keep a running total of the following:

Time in minutes    Miles        Calories
11617:51:48          2695.78    93725.26

And yes, those are actual totals,, logged since March 8, 2012. When I hit 4030 miles I plan to celebrate, because I will have biked the equivalent of the distance from my home in Nashville, Tennessee to Anchorage, Alaska.

A month or two ago I got a little smarter and added some 1 pound hand weights and I do reps of curls and presses with two of them together with each arm, hoping to rebuild or at least maintain some muscle as I get older (with any luck). I do my age plus one each set of reps, so it's, yes, 64 of each, sometimes as many sets as three each arm (when I'm feeling I need the extra challenge). I've been logging those in a comments section, but as I write this I realize I should set up extra fields and record those like the other data, as an added incentive to do them regularly.

When I travel, I maintain my habit of rising early and either running or hitting the hotel exercise room. I even used the gym on our anniversary cruise back in March. When I do run, I don't run like I used to: When I lived in Los Gatos decades ago I would run around 40 miles a week and punctuate every run with sprints. My old knees don't like that anymore, so I run a little-old-man jog, but I feel that's better than not running at all. I'll be little-old-man jogging by the Alamo next week in the mornings, and through the suburbs of Lake Conroe the following weekend, so if you see that sad spectacle, say hi. It's only me.


booklady9 said…
Scott, that's not a sad spectacle--that would be if you weren't exercising at all!

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