Monday, June 24, 2013

ISTE Post7: Apology and update

Okay, I fell down on the job, and almost literally, yesterday. I failed to blog. What I did do was
  1. Help facilitate the rockingest Leadership Forum experience in the history of them all. I'll do a post-conference blog of its own about that. One ISTE Board Member, whom I deeply respect, bent my ear at (the most awesome ever) opening keynote by Jane McGonigal, telling me she told CEO Brian Lewis that "we aren't' here to support teachers who are stuck in the status quo.  She told me that of the 7 annual Leadership Forums (Symposiums?) she's attended, this one was by far the best. 
  2. Caught the lovely seated lunch that was the "Making IT Happen" pink/black jacket awards. This award (which for some reason I garnered two ISTEs ago) is awarded to 4 or 5 recognized innovators in the field of EdTech each year. I was tickled pink to see my dear close friend Kecia Ray (also btw incoming President of this organization) get one this year. As Kecia is one of my several bosses as well, I was amused to hear her say on the podium accepting the jacket that "I know that Scott Merrick is happy because now I won't be continually threatening to steal his jacket." Kecia hired me in this dream job at MNPS Virtual School, for which I seem born to do, and I love her madly. 
  3. Was awarded the (U.S.) President's Volunteer Service Award, walking out on stage with maybe 25 esteemed colleagues in front of 8,000 or so of my dearest friends to be honored so. 
  4. Flitted about the SIG Open House. There are pics of all of this at , b(again)tw.
  5. Atttended the Best Keynote Ever. It'll be archived and folks, if you missed it, DON'T.  I have a new hero and her name is Jane.
  6. Attended the annual President's reception, where I awarded and received Free Hugs, an ongoing project. It was good. See a couple of pics at the above url for that. I love my ISTE family. 
  7. Met my team at Originals restaurant on Riverwalk. Much fun. No further comment. Except to say I also love my MNPS Virtual School Family.
  8. offer this gratuitous pic:

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