Saturday, June 29, 2013

THE BEST ISTE EVER -- Day 1 Reflections

Day 1, Saturday, June 22nd.

My stalwart MNPS Virtual Team, consisting of Dr. James Witty, Adrienne McNew, Michael Terry, Anna Harris, and Christine Van Loon, met at the airport, as described in an earlier post. After a fairly uneventful flight,
Adrienne, Chris, and Anna ponder culinary possibilities
we disembarked around 15 minutes late and cabbed it to the Wesin Riverwalk hotel. Due to the late schedule and the even more damaging late flight, I missed an invitation only SIG Core Volunteer event, the first of several, but I was looking forward to the event, which included a riverboat tour.That said, we got all checked in, walked down to the conference center, got our registration out of the way, and popped over the Hyatt, were there were to meet later for an MNPS district get-together. Of course, all my Virtual Environments peeps were standing out front and I got my first hugs of the week. Marianne, Malmstrom, Kae Novak, Sarah Rolle, Chris Luchs, the list goes on, and Andy Wheelock, my brother from another mother. They were wrangling Peggy Sheehy, on edge inside working on the next morning's EPIC Leadership event, so we headed off for dinner, and ended up at Durty Nellies Irish Pub. GREAT service, wild piano bar music and a full house. Afterwards we headed back to the Hyatt to the Presidential Suite where we met up with some of the 20 or so members from our school district in incoming ISTE President Kecia Ray's suite for beverages and hearty chat about our plans for the week. So Saturday, check, travel and social happenings.

Who is this mystery man and what is he doing at EPIC Leadership: Beyond the Hype of Gamification
Cognizant of an upcoming  early morning, I headed back to the hotel and got a relatively reasonable bedtime. Stay tuned for further reflections upon some amazing content starting (what?) 7 am on Sunday morning at THE BEST ISTE EVER. A teaser:

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