Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look out: He's back in Kitely fooling around!

Hey, all,

I am happy to announce that I have a teacher interested in exploring the use of Kitely for synchronous sessions with her online students, so I've been noodling around in there over the past few days updating spaces.

I've ditched the wooden-looking circular floors underneath the "unclassrooms" and textured their floors as translucent blue-sky clouds. I'm working on arranging all the sets of four long 4 student tables in each wall-less, ceiling-less, roof-less "room" to face one another with a teacher stool in one corner. I still have the display objects, a link to the LMS and four teleporters to four different distant discussion islands for breakout sessions.

But the main building has morphed into a blue and orange wonder, no longer the metallic structure obtained from Open University sim. I changed out all the logos to our new banner and added an office for Sherry, newly re-assigned and promoted to v-Enrollment Support Specialist, and put Sarah out front to welcome visitors, as she so capably is placed in our real-world School.

Visit and search "Education." Find MNPS Virtual School II and visit at will. It's the public mirror of what will soon be the crankin'est virtual world school in the metaverse.

Here are some pics:

Unclassroom for Intro to Social Media

Landing zone


Media at landing zone: Flickr, website, image slideshow, and Prezi

Mike's office

My office, down to the feeding birds on the fire escape

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