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Grades and...

Okay. I'm a parent who has two high school graduated children. One is a college graduate and who knows if the younger will ever get to that thang.

With both of these kids, we have been unconventional parents, or at least so I think.We encouraged them to pursue their passions, to explore the arts, and we did not ride them or micromanage their grades or their academic performance. My dear wife and I are not academic people; or rather, a part of me is but it's not a major part.

We set them free in many ways. They might argue that, but when our daughter went to college she was the one in charge. She figured out her path, made decisions about changing it, and did so with our support and blessing.

When our son entered his Freshman year at a Nashville arts school, we backed off and worked to let him manage his high school work. Until Fall semester of his Junior year all went well. He failed four of his classes that semester. He had never failed any class, ever, in the history of his…

What a Week--No ISTE Board Run

There is a lot happening. So much, as a matter of this post, that I have reluctantly decided to abandon my plans to run for the ISTE Board this year. I am pulled 9 ways to Sunday in my sort of made-up role at an 80,000+ student Public School system. I'm a Lead Teacher, responsible for supporting and monitoring the work of half of our 25 adjunct teachers and supporting their students and parents; I am a Support Specialist, the "house geek" for my school and its community; I am the only part-time Academies Coach in the system, imagining and building the first "Virtual Academy" in the world after-work-hours; and now I am the "All Star Teacher Trainer" (I prefer "Lead Learner" and I intend to use that) for my school and two others: My district is rolling out a model of Professional Development on February 28 that will become just that for the nation. I can't imagine that serving as a Board member for ISTE, no matter how much I would like to …