Thursday, March 06, 2014

Getty Images Goes all Social Media Friendly and Such

Very cool: Getty Images just implemented a decision to make its images watermark free and embeddable in exchange for a mandatory link to its site. This is a huge boon to bloggers, students, and teachers who are creating content. I'm just passing it along here, discovered this morning in Facebook shared by Wesley Fryer and Sharon Duffy Elts. they, in turn, got the skimmy on this sea change at The Verge. To find your own images by searching the Getty Images site, simply use the search tool and click on the open/close tags icon beneath your resulting picture. It looks like this:

Copy the code and make sure you are in your html edit mode. Paste it in, formatting as you wish -- I notice the image below, embedded in that way, has a scroll bar which I could noodle around with (likely the size parameters) to make disappear.  I'm thinking that the mandatory link is a citation in and of itself, voila! Auto-citation! At least in online documents. You may need to do an internet citation in a printed document, so be sure to check with your teacher(s) before thinking your academic integrity is in tact for a paper or project!


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