Friday, April 04, 2014

Poetiscape with Rich Ferguson featuring James Morrison!

I really really enjoyed listening to this one-hour podcast by Rich Ferguson, with whom I had the privilege and joy of playing musical accompaniment for a yoga class one fine Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles several years ago. I have also enjoyed Rich's recently published poetry collection, 8th and Agony, which I purchased as an ebook a week or two ago. I have followed Rich's work since that day we met, friending him on Facebook and enjoying his regular sharings of his talented work there.

The yoga class was being taught by my dear friend James Morrison, whom I know as "Jimmy." I was in L.A. visiting him after riding up the coast on a double-decker train from a conference in San Diego, visiting him and his son, Seamus, and the beautiful woman of the family, Riad. Rich's guest on this interview podcast? Jimmy!

If you ever watched "24," you will recognize the voice of Bill Buchanan. Just listen:

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And you'd be well served to purchase the DVD version of the film they talk about in the beginning of the podcast, "Showing Up," now available on iTunes. Rather listen to the boy's music? Get "I Broke Free" from Son to the Boy and "Son to the Boy" from James Paige Morrison.

You're welcome.

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