Saturday, May 03, 2014

Vote Wyatt, and vote Bigelow!

 Vote Wyatt, and vote Bigelow!
I generally try to stay removed from local politics. They're confusing, convoluted, and in many cases probably corrupt. The current state election primary, though, has had me out greeting voters at the early primary voting polls, though, because Vince Wyatt is running for District 4 General Sessions Court Judge.

I know Vince, and in reading his bio I was amused to see that we graduated from Vanderbilt University the same year, in 1996. Of course, he had graduated high school 24 years after I had, but that's not the point. I wonder if we had any classes together? I'll have to ask him when next we meet, which will be, I hope, at his election celebration party.

He's a good man. He told me once that he's always seen both sides of the issues he's defended in court, and always been able to understand which side was more at fault or justified.

IMPORTANT: You have to remember, when you go to the polls, that whether you are Republican or Democrat, or neither, you need to request a Democratic ballot. This is important because the results of that ballot will determine who our judges are. For the next 8 years. There are only 5 (all uncontested) Republican names on the Republican ballot. Why bother? )I guess the jobs don't pay enough.)

Want to see the ballots?

Sample Republican Ballot
Sample Democratic Ballot

I'd also like to ask you to be sure to cast a vote for Rob Bigelow. He's a good man as well, and another Vandy graduate. I had the chance to hangout with him when I was poll-greeting and he's smart, funny, and well-spoken. Both these men are situated to bring a youthful point of view, but a well-experienced one, to the courts.

Election turnout will be light this primary. Your vote could be the deciding one:

 Vote Wyatt, and vote Bigelow!

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