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Friday, December 04, 2015

The too too busy blues

It seems like all of my infrequent posts lately start with some apology in the order of "It's been a while..."

Yes, I'm busy. No, I'm not going to whine about it. Here's a list of what is keeping me busy:
    • My lovely honey's business, no longer really "new business," but evolving in its first year of eloquently pink-awninged storefront into something even bigger and better than we imagined.
    • My school's growth, from 7-12 to 5-12, from 700 part-timers to 1700, holding its own with 150 full-timers and my taking on Middle School online teaching responsibilities coupled with ongoing teacher, student, and tech support ones.
    • The Last Downsize, gearing up to close in two weeks on our home of 10 years and then on a brand new "tall and skinny" home in The Nations. The consequent move in three weeks. Inspections, repairs, research, packing, planning, and, and, and...
    • ISTE volunteer work, including serving as VP for both the Online Learning Network and the Virtual Environments Network. Social Media contribution, including support for Bernie Sanders, Tinwings, MNPSVS, ISTE VEN, ISTE OLN, Bad Ladies, Room in the Inn (all voluntary, only two of them official (guess which two).
    • Acting as primary caregiver for two large dogs and a senile cat.
    • Fishing. Got to get out to Marrowbone Lake this weekend to reel in some of the trout they stocked there this very day.
    • Writing some memories from an eclectic and very lucky life. Stay tuned. Release may be posthumous so I'm hoping you'll stay tuned for a (very) long time. I'm writing it ficitionally third person, but you'll likely know the protagonist.
    • Everyday living.
Here's a list of what I'm most proud of:
    • My wife--she's working her fingers to the bone (what do you get? Bony Fingers) in a fresh, healthy, catering concept that I believe is as much a public service as it is a business. See
    • My daughter and my son--she's moved from a closed-minded but well-doing non-profit serving women who have been abused or otherwise need help to an open-minded non-profit serving the homeless, one whose design has been copied by 24 major US cities because, guess what? It works. He's working a day job and compiling, day after day, night after night, brilliant song lyrics and arrangements to serve up with his band (and on his own) for music lovers for years to come. Listen to this cut from their EP, written, sung, and lead and rhythm guitaring by Colin. Play it loud.
    • My school. We are working apace, slowly growing and already a model in our own right.
Here's what I'm ashamed of:
    • Senseless gun violence on at least a weekly basis around our country. "They" want us to feel in our souls the hopelessness of random, senseless mortal violence. "We" brought if not all at least a good deal of it to their Middle Eastern countries over the past decades and they are hopeless with their only ambition to spread that hopelessness around. Have you been to a movie lately? Have you found yourself looking around, checking for suspicious characters and wondering what you would do if that solo guy in the first row pulled out a weapon and started shooting? If so, they have won. Confession: They have won with me. Aside: Did you know that Americans bought more guns on Black Friday than would arm the entire Marine Corps? That doesn't count the ones already in the streets and in homes and in cars and carried openly. See
    • The Republican "Clown Car." Why do these guys get to spew hatred, fear, and stupidity and how do they garner any size audience to applaud that? Because it's a free country, that's why--though if they get their way(s) it will become even less so.
Here's what I wish for you as we move ineluctably to 2016:
(Another aside. I can't help it. Every time I hear "ineluctably" I fondly remember leaving my now grown son's room when I'd finished reading to him, or walking by his room to hear his little voice say "See you in the morning," to which I would invariably respond, quietly and meaning it, "Ineluctably."

    • That you and yours remain safe
    • That you register to vote (if you've read this far without clicking away in reactionary, brain-pressurewashed disgust it will make a positive difference)
    • That you make sure every young person of voting age in your sphere is registered to vote and promises to--young people by and large see through the hatred and fear and can imagine something better, not worse for our nation
    • That you vote every chance you can. Otherwise you are handing your essential right over and we will get what we collectively deserve
    • That you hold close and are held closely by those you love and those who love you
Time is money and money is time and we ain't got all day. Let's make the most of it, shall we? I'm done for now.


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