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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just a Reminder!

...and I'm really getting excited about it. The Games and Virtual Environments Maker Playground will feature some heavy hitters this year. Shhhhhhhh, just locking down agreements. And the EduMachinima Fest--oh my, will it benefit from the community growing up around our monthly Machinima Nights in AvaCon Grid? You can bet your avatar it will. 

I'll be blogging daily from Denver that week, and yes, that will be a large improvement from the monthly visits I have been able to maintain here. Keep up with the conference if you cannot make it. I've got your virtual back.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nutritious Breakfast. Check.

Just a quick post to sing the praises of NutriBullet. Since my lovely honey picked us up one at Costco a few months ago, I'll do the occasional breakfast and sometimes whole work weeks where the smoothies I concoct make up my whole morning meal. They are surprisingly yummy and keep me going until I take my lunch break and pop over to Tinwings to raid the employee food bin for lunch. Having long been used to more often frying up a couple eggs for breakfast, I feel this is a healthy move and I'm happy with it. Many weekends, I'll also cook up a pot of Steel Cut Oats and add in some low sugar dried cranberries to portion out for quick breakfasts. I'm digging it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Our Youngest High Schooler is Honored!

Congratulations to our youngest High Schooler, Alex, for soldiering through his first high school curriculum course. What's the big deal? Well, he's in 4th grade, y'all. He's actually not a high schooler at all, but is attending one of our wonderful public elementary schools in the 4th grade. During the school day, he has some blocks of time to take some higher level elementary and middle school classes online, as well as oh, one or two secondary school courses. He's a math wiz, for one thing, and he is sneaking up on a precocious mastery of languages. We think he's a good bet for President in a decade or two.

Alex put the Local television news piece up on his own YouTube and I think it could use a few more views and follows. Yes?

Please enjoy and share:

You also need to see and hear this young gem-tleman play excerpts from two Yanni songs. Love me some Yanni!

Things are Poppin' in Virtual Environments Network!

We are rockin' in Second Life, playing and learning in AvaCon Grid, and planning a whoopee cushion of a Playground for the ISTE 2016 Conference in Denver come the end of June. Catch it all, and one good place to begin is the ISTE Virtual Environments Network in SL:

Tonight, being the first Tuesday of the month, we don't meet, though at any given time you may find one of our membership just hanging out awaiting the learning conversations that so often happen there; but every other Tuesday at 5pm we can be found either in SL or in AvaCon Grid, at the marvelous marvelous new HQ built by Helena Kiama. Information about everything we do is available at the SL HQ be we there or no. Come visit! And see the Weebly marquee online for another way to learn about us!


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