Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Our Youngest High Schooler is Honored!

Congratulations to our youngest High Schooler, Alex, for soldiering through his first high school curriculum course. What's the big deal? Well, he's in 4th grade, y'all. He's actually not a high schooler at all, but is attending one of our wonderful public elementary schools in the 4th grade. During the school day, he has some blocks of time to take some higher level elementary and middle school classes online, as well as oh, one or two secondary school courses. He's a math wiz, for one thing, and he is sneaking up on a precocious mastery of languages. We think he's a good bet for President in a decade or two.

Alex put the Local television news piece up on his own YouTube and I think it could use a few more views and follows. Yes?

Please enjoy and share:

You also need to see and hear this young gem-tleman play excerpts from two Yanni songs. Love me some Yanni!

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