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Friday, March 18, 2016

Join in April 9 for the SL MOOC Webinar

This should be fun. We'll have an expanding table and a skeleton of an agenda of topics. Come join us and we'll discuss, yes,  "Everything about ISTE Virtual Environments Network." Established in 2009 as the ISTE "Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments," this community dates back further than that; we just made it official then. It's complicated. It's funny. It's important in important ways. I will be periscoping the session, just for fun. Be there.

If you can't be there, maybe you can contribute if you have pics from 'way back or any comment to add to the conversation. If either, tweet those babies out to #istevenslmooc anytime between now and April 9 and we'll see what we can do to work them in.

I suggest you join the MOOC. As I said, this'll be fun. See who else is presenting"
Second Life MOOC 2016 Presentations   
Life(s) is good,

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