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ISTE 2016! On the way Thursday! Free hugs!

I'm so buzzed. I laid out my traveling clothes today so Lee Ann can pare them down tonight for packing. I'm getting in Thursday to Denver, Colorado to spend two weeks at my dear sis- and bro-in-law's beautiful home by Observatory Park, and the first week will be spent with my international peeps, old and young, old and new, innovators and thought leaders one and all. My biggest contribution to this year's ISTE2016 program is one built collaboratively by many people. I am absolutely certain it will be the best Playground ever, and we've been doing these for quite a few years. They've all been good, but this one looks...different. See what I mean here (note--all times are local to Denver, MDT):

More details are available at the session's online document at Go see what I mean. Meanwhile, if you are there, find me. If you are not there, visit in Second Life and at any given time we will be meeting in there a…

Haiku from a Virtual World

Come join the ISTE VEN Writers Group in Second Life every first Tuesday of every month as we visit immersive simulated environments to inspire writing in any genre. Here's a little haiku I set down after our very first outing in April. The group is growing and the work is happening. Very fun, very worthy of one's time and attention.

Visit on Tuesdays at 5pm SLT (Pacific Time) to join in on all our activities and learning opportunities.

See you at ISTE2015 in Denver, CO and in the Metaverse!


The Election

So it's the wee hours of the morning and dawn sunlight is peeking through the blinds in our NNW-facing home. The livestock are calm, Watson up on the leather sectional and MacGuyver curled up on the rug beneath, and senile Ruby on her carefully folded towel in the platform of her cat-condo. She's incontinent and we're making her comfortable in her dotage and limiting the daily clean-ups to the floor of her toney cat cage and litter box, which she misses with consistency.

I'm thinking about the election, and I'm thinking about what's right and what's wrong. I'm not really going to enumerate the issues here because you're hearing it, seeing it, and reading it everywhere you turn these days. But I do want to muse a bit.

With Hillary, who has been successfully demonized by well-meaning (and, yes, often self-rightous) Bernie  supporters, it would seem that the throngs of BernieorBust and NeverHillary folks are settled in against her. If you've spent…