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Happy Labor Day Weekend

A couple quick updates:

Loving the work at Warner Enhanced Option Elementary School. It's very challenging, outside my box, and I'm making the box mine. If we can make a difference in these young people's lives we will be doing good and doing it well.

I had a lovely morning fishing and I'm now sitting at my dear in-law's new computer typing this whilst Microsoft Office installs.

I caught one nice catfish and 6 bluegill, all of which I released. I actually usually go for the fishing, not necessarily the catching, but it's good to have caught something while floating on my favorite lake, Lake Marrowbone, only 20 minutes north of my home. Thank you, Howard Harrod, wherever you find your soul these days, for gifting me your trolling motor. It works like a champ!

The Office install's almost done. My favorite octogenarians have been running Windows XP on a 7 year old Dell for too long. Last week it locked up with likely hard drive failure and well there ya go. I…